Professional sport has become increasingly internationalized. There are more are more athletes, trainers, managers, athletic directors, etc., from all over the world who are developing their professional activity in other European countries (consolidated market) and in Asia, America, and Oceania (emerging market with enormous potential).

Professional sports markets, such as China, Thailand, or Arabic Countries of the Persian Gulf, are growing exponentially in the last years and need professionals specialized in Sport. This is not just about the athletes who are hired, also coaches, sport directors, doctors, etc., and, why not jurists specialized in Sports Law? In those markets the ignorance of the law concerning of sports organizations (International Federations and Olympic Movement) in which they are competing is absolute and require specialized professionals to meet their concerns. It is a great opportunity for young specialists from all over the world.

The INEFC-University of Lleida launched, more than 22 years ago, the first Master in Sports Law in Spain and was also the same center that for more than 10 years now, offered the first Master in Sports Law that was adapted to the university qualifications of the European Higher Education Area, and that is the current Official Master in Sports Law at the University of Lleida. More than 600 students from all over Spain, Europe and Latin America have graduated from this Master.

The Master is now considered a reference not only at the level of the Spanish State, but also throughout Latin America and Europe.

After this long experience in Spain and Latin America and before the increasing demand of students to attend to our Master's Degree (in each edition the request we received are doubled as the number of available places -40-), from the teaching team and all responsible persons of the Master it has been considered appropriate to offer a new "official" postgraduate degree in Sports Law.

Together with the Spanish Edition of the Sports Law Master that we have been developing during the last two decades, now we are offering the 2nd Edition Master’s Degree dedicated to International Sports Law and mainly to the law that is applied in international sports organizations and international competitions. Also, we have the Spanish 15th Edition of the Master, now in course, and first two Editions in Chile and Colombia.

The Master has passed all the administrative formalities of quality and verification procedures by the relevant University Control Agencies in order that the Government and the Ministry of Education have approved it as a Master’s Degree with Official University Degree, Bologna model.

The Master will be developed with the collaboration of professors from the main European and Latin-American universities specialized in Sports Law (Center of Droit et d'Economie du Sport, Center for Sports Law Research, University of Edge Hill, Kufatin Moscow State Law University, Sant Jhon’s University, Willamette University), and expert jurists who develop their professional work in organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, the TAS, the International Federations of Soccer, Basketball, Motoring, Volleyball or lawyers in practice of international prestige.

The main goal of the International Sports Law Master – LLM is to offer a complete education in the legislation and legal instruments available, an approach to the different legal issues and the study of the different procedures which a jurist should know when placed in the context of competitive sport organized by the International Sports Federations or the different types of competitions in the framework of the Olympic Movement. The focus is essentially from the perspective of the rules made by the sporting bodies with responsibilities in international sport and the dispute settlement procedures that they themselves have established.

It is a Master organized from a public University, with a public price and with a non-profit-making purpose.

Its sole objective is to offer a specialized postgraduate degree to any jurist anywhere in the world. The best specialists have volunteered to participate as professors in the Master, precisely for this exclusively academic vocation in relation to the knowledge diffusion, and to ensure that all jurists of the world, irrespective of their country of residence, can have access to the Master.

The International Sports Law Master offers a unique opportunity to obtain an official Master Degree within the Bologna qualifications framework that enables access to PhD studies, and which is recognized across Europe and throughout the world where European degrees are recognized. The Master has obtained all official authorizations of the European Agencies, and it is the only Sports Law academic program with these characteristics.

The Master provides any sports-loving jurist with a unique opportunity to receive the most prestigious education in the Sports Law field at a public university price.