DOCUMENTATION TO BE PRESENTED IN THE MOMENT OF PREREGISTRATIONAuthenticated copy of identity card of passport for foreign people.

  • Application of pre-registration signed by the interested person (to be printed from website).
  • Authenticated copy of the official title university student That Gives access to the master's degree. In the event of access for the required qualification number 3 (non homologized qualification with level of training equivalent to the títol of degree) is to take into account Owed That at the time of to carry out her Enrolls Will Be Necessary to present a document issued by the University of acquirement of the title of access or by the statutory authority of That Country That Proves That Allows Accessing this title of post graduate studies.
  • Academic certificate With The Qualifications of the Realized studies. (original or authenticated copy).
  • Certificate of foreign languages knowledge. (original or authenticated copy).
  • Specific documents of each master, if it has been Explained in the information on the master.
  • Other Merits.

In case the student wants to That request the validation of studies, he / she must Corresponding Indicate it in the place of the application for pre-registration and he / she must hand in the Following documents, in Addition to the previous documentation:

  • The syllabus or chart of subjects issued or published by the center in question.
  • The documents evidencing the Achieved skills, the educational content or the program of subjects passed.
  • The official academic certificate detailing the Qualifications Obtained and in the case of academic records issued overseas, They Must Indicate the numeric scale of These Qualifications. If the studies Were taken at the University of Lleida, it will not be Necessary to submit this Document as the secretary's office will attach an authenticated
  • Copy of the academic record to the application.


Documents issued abroad must be official, original and issued by the competent authorities, and they must be legalized diplomatically. This procedure is done necessarily in each of the following organizations and in the indicated order:

  1. Ministry of Education of the home country, for studies titles and certifications and, to the corresponding Ministry, for birth certificates and nationality.
  2. Foreign Issue Ministry of the country where were made the documents.
  3. Diplomatic or consular representation of Spain in the country of documents had done.

All documents that are issued by the diplomatic authorities or by the consular services of the foreign country in Spain, they have to be legalized for the Ministerio of Spanish Foreign Issues.

For the legalization of documents coming from countries signing the Hague Agreement, of 5th of October, the established requirements previously are substituted by the apostille fixed in the same document by the competent authority of the state which asks for the document.

It is not required to legalize the documentation of countries that form the European Union, provided there are no doubts about the authenticity and legitimacy, nor about their official nature.

Mentioned documents have to accompany of the official translation into Spanish, in the supposition that are in another language. This translation will be able to be made:

  • For any diplomat or consular from Spain to the foreigner.
  • For the diplomatic representation or consular in Spain of the country of which is subject the requesting person or of the precedence of the document.
  • By sworn translators duly authorized or registered in Spain.

If the original document is registered in a different alphabet to the Western one, it is recommended that the corresponding translation collects the denomination of the title in its original language but transcribed in the Western alphabet, instead of a translation of that denomination.

The original documents can be presented together with a photocopy and they will be returned to the interested parties after the authenticity proceedings.

If the photocopies have been compared and legalized by the diplomatic or consular representation of Spain in the country of precedence of the document, it is not necessary to hand in simultaneously the original.


The resolution corresponds to the responsible body of the official postgraduate programme (POP).
The coordinator of the responsible body will sign the resolution, in accordance with the established form, and will send a copy to the Teaching Vice rector. The resolution will indicate:

  • the admitted students
  • the students admitted conditionally*
  • the excluded students**
  • the students on the waiting list
  • (*/** it is necessary to indicate the reasons)

The body responsible will publish the resolution signed on the notice board of the centre that performs the registration and on the webpage of the master. The publication will indicate the DNI of the students or passport for foreigners, the reasons in the case of excluded students or conditional and the appeals that can be lodged by the interested people.

In case of disagreement with the resolution, the interested parties can lodge a higher appeal before the Official Commission of Post grade Studies, which exhausts the administrative procedure.


Place reservations may be requested in exceptional circumstances, having justified same during the period established for registration.

Requests will be decided on by the coordinator of the master.

Reserved places will not be deducted from the offer of places on the following academic year.