Maximum registration Price: 3.000€

PRICE CALCULATED ACCORDING TO PUBLIC PRICES GIVES 2017/2018 = 3.000 € for both courses (1.524 € each academic course) Each academic course is paid in four payments. (4 payments in total during both academic courses).

Course prices 2018/19 and 2019/2020 may not vary substantially at the price indicated. The price of the Official Masters is fixed annually by the Government of the Generalitat by Decree of public prices and therefore the exact final price of each course will set on the decrees corresponding to the respective academic courses. Nevertheless, the INEFC understands that according to the current prices and the logical evolution of the same, the final price of the whole Master will be around 3.000 € approximately.

There must bear in mind that on having treated itself about an edition will take place over two academic years, the annual price will be around € 1,524. The public university system in Catalonia and the INEFC allows to make such income in four separate payments. The first two payments of 30% each one and the other two of 20% each one.

We wish to underline that the exact final price is subject to the approval of the public price agreed by the Government for each academic year.