Admission requirements

The student must hold a degree of 240 ECTS or to have a bachelor degree or an Engineering. The selection of the students will be realized by assessing curriculum. Attending to the basic contents of the Master, in this assessment it is considered a preferential merit the degree and training in law.

These people may be entitled in Spain or any other European country or another continent. The Foreign graduates must have a duly legalized degree.

It is essential to have a good knowledge of the English language : COMPREHENSIOND AND ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION.

Entry Requirements for Official Master's Degrees according to Royal Decree 1393/2007

Qualification required


1 Spanish official bachelor degree (threeyear and four-year degrees), Engineering, Architecture, Technical Engineering, Architectural Technology)


2 Accredited bachelor degree from a foreign university.

- Administration concerns the Ministry or the University

3 Non-accredited bachelor degree: such degree can open access to master studies if the knowledge and skills achieved are equivalent to those of the Spanish degree, and only on condition that the foreign qualification also gives access to master studies in the country of origin.

The candidate will be required to provide a document from the university awarding the degree or a relevant authority in the country of origin, certifying that such degree grants access to postgraduate studies.

- Administration concerns the University of Lleida. The Master's Degree Coordinator and the body responsible for Professional and Occupational erformance (POP) Records will verify all these requirements before admitting a student holding a non-accredited degree.

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